SmartLync Digital Ecosystem

SmartLync serves business needs, achieves business goals, offers an extraordinary customer experience, creates resilient performance, and enhances operational excellence.


SmartLync encompasses every solution pertaining to the digital needs of the pipeline industry. This cloud-enabled digital ecosystem connects to our real-world products to derive practical telematics data. The gathered specifics allow users to monitor all aspects of product performance in real time. This information results in goal-oriented strategic insights that maximize business execution and productivity.


Our highly secure cloud platform acts as a data management solution for transferring, storing, and analyzing valuable statistical figures. These business analytics are available to users anytime, anywhere, allowing them to reach impactful, insightful decisions that lead to the monetization of results.


SmartLync offers beneficial, customizable applications necessary to ensure exceptional customer experience. A seamless design and simple layout provide the opportunity to evaluate all avenues of operations, from project status to inventory management.


Due to SmartLync’s unified model, users can view all sectors of product lines from a single, holistic view. Individual metrics based on product performance, operation, and inventory form a blended ecosystem, resulting in an optimal digitized experience.


CRC-Evans has taken a giant leap into our digital transformation journey with SmartLync. Download our Digital Transformation whitepaper today to learn more!



SmartLync Digital Ecosystem