HOUSTON, TX – CRC-Evans Pipeline International, Inc. (CRC-Evans®) – an international leader in pipeline construction technologies and product development – announces an alliance with China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau (CPP), one of the world’s largest pipeline contractors. This agreement marks a long-term partnership between CRC-Evans and CPP.

With over 30 years of cooperation, CRC-Evans has rented dozens of automatic welding machine spreads and sold ten full spreads of dual torch welding equipment to CPP. Using this equipment, CPP constructed over 50 percent of the pipeline contracted by CNPC, one of the world’s largest oil and gas companies, within the last year alone. This new strategic partnership between CPP and CRC-Evans positions CRC-Evans as a trustworthy supplier of pipeline construction equipment in China.

“It is an honor for CRC-Evans to partner with CPP, one of the biggest and most capable contractors, in the global construction marketplace,” said Mikhail Blekherov, President of CRC-Evans Onshore East. “Many contractors in China follow CPP’s example regarding construction equipment management, strategically positioning CRC-Evans in equipment business in China and around the globe.”

CRC-Evans is also the major automatic welding machine supplier for the recent world’s largest X80 pipelines, both stretching over 4000km long, from central Asia to the eastern and southern coasts of China. Two more such size pipeline projects are being put into implementation in the following year or two.