HOUSTON, TX – (December 4, 2012) – CRC-Evans Pipeline International, Inc. (CRC-Evans®) – a leading provider of pipeline technology, service and technical support for both onshore and offshore locations – offers a four-year, five step training program to apprentices interested in working in the offshore technologies industry. The CRC-Evans Offshore Apprenticeship Programme offers a rare opportunity for trainees to gain hands-on experience from CRC-Evans team of expert industry mentors.

In order to graduate successfully from the Offshore Apprenticeship Programme, each apprentice must reach a certain level of competence qualifications, knowledge qualifications and transferable skills. Through close contact with experienced CRC-Evans advisors and the opportunity to work on live projects through training, apprentices can develop and demonstrate their cultivated competence at each level and progress to the next.

Understanding the importance of a 'real world' working environment, CRC-Evans aims to start apprentices with on-the-job experience after completing their second year of the Offshore Apprenticeship Programme. By this time, the apprentices will be mentored by skilled CRC-Evans personnel for personal assistance and support. At the beginning of year four, apprentices are expected to be fully qualified and will exercise their core skills through different weld stations. The program allows individuals to become experts in the field as they begin their professional careers with CRC-Evans.

"We wanted to create a program that was focused on putting apprentices into the field, so that they could gain invaluable experience throughout the entire learning process," said Ben Mackay, Managing Director for CRC-Evans Offshore. "This is the kind of vital knowledge that no classroom can offer. I actually started as an apprentice and I know we want our graduates to be fully prepared for careers in the offshore field, learning all techniques and safety measures firsthand from the pros."

In its fourth year, the CRC-Evans Offshore Apprenticeship Programme holds its trainees to a heightened standard of proactive safety and innovative thinking. Jamie Sutherland, an Apprentice Electrician finishing his second year of the program, has proven his dedication to safety and quality in his commitment at CRC-Evans. Sutherland's was recently nominated for the program's Apprentice of the Year.

"The CRC-Evans Offshore Apprenticeship Programme has afforded me with the incredible opportunity to actually work alongside experienced industry professionals as I learn the trade," said Sutherland. "It's really unlike any form of education I've had previously. Even in just two years enrolled in the program, I already feel exceedingly equipped to become a leading member in this industry."