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Troy Construction sought a novel pipe-handling method to prevent pipe drops

Troy Construction, known for its quality and efficiency in operations, is a contractor specializing in oil and gas pipeline construction in North America. The company carries out all pipeline construction operations from the right-of-way clearing to clean-up, post- construction, and top soil restoration.

Stringing operations on the right-of-way proved to be difficult in various construction projects across the U.S. Conventional and most commonly used pipe-handling equipment deployed to unload pipe from trucks failed to provide a safe grip on the pipe on numerous occasions, resulting in two or three pipe drops per project. Drops pose a safety risk to personnel and inflict damage to pipe coating, pipe joints, and bevels. On one occasion, a pipe drop on the right-of-way resulted in a safety investigation and an eight- hour shut-down of operations with 500 crew members on stand-by. The financial impact of such an event is significant and can exceed $350,000.

Troy Construction deployed DECKHAND® pipe-handling arms

Troy Construction deployed CRC-Evans® pipe-handling arms for loading pipes onto trucks at the pipe yard and for unloading and stringing them on the right-of-way to enhance safety and eliminate costs associated with pipe drops.

DECKHAND® improved safety and reduced operating costs on the right-of-way

The DECKHAND® design features allowed Troy Pipeline Construction to realize benefits in two main areas: (1) improved safety (2) reduced operating cost due to elimination of pipe drops.

The DECKHAND® leverages the hydraulics of excavators to perform operations.
A positive grip design is a main differentiator from conventional pipe-handling equipment and allows off-center pipe handling and tilting for up to 15 degrees. The operator’s ability to monitor and adjust operating parameters through the incab display provides exceptional versatility and safety of pipe handling operations on the right-of-way.

Since Troy Construction replaced its fleet of conventional pipe-handling equipment with DECKHAND®, zero pipe drops have occurred in any construction projects. Additional cost savings have been realized from equipment maintenance cost reduction. While conventional pipe-handling equipment requires DECKHAND® hydraulic minimizes equipment maintenance.