CRC-Evans' laybarge technology includes pipe handling, double jointing, and joint coating equipment systems specifically designed for reliable offshore performance in both deep and shallow-water projects.

CRC-Evans pipe handling equipment covers everything needed to move pipe joints of all sizes and weights from storage, through the production line, and into the sea. CRC-Evans has spent the last four decades engineering complete advanced systems to help customers boost their efficiency, reliability, and quality so they can deliver successful projects.

  • Auxiliary Support Roller Units
  • Bead Stall Support Roller Units
  • Chain-Type Pipe Transfer Beam Conveyors
  • Longitudinal/Elevating Longitudinal Conveyor Roller Modules
  • End Prep Support Units
  • Fixed Beam Pipe Support Units
  • Pipe Elevators
  • Roller-Type/Adjustable-Height Roller-Type Pipe Supports
  • Pipe Transfer Carriages
  • Adjustable-Height Roller-Type Stern Pipe Supports
  • Adjustable-Height/Fixed-Height Track-Type Pipe Supports
  • Walking-Beam-Type Transverse Conveyors
  • Track-Type Line-Up Modules
CRC-Evans Laybarge Equipment