Part of our Vision Welding System, the V Root includes a vision laser sensor in conjunction with a two-dimensional (2D) charge-coupled device (CCD) color camera to perform a root inspection directly after root and hot pass welding. V Root is attached to the rear of the line-up clamp, becoming an inline analytical tool that minimizes the downtime associated with using a third-party tool.

This system provides the root profile and the 2D raw color image, clearly showing the discoloration and any geometrical defects of the root pass. The root inspection system creates a permanent record of the root profile and visual image that can be stored and replayed in the laptop. This can be used as a reference for the AUT weld inspection. If a root defect is found, the joint can be cut and prepped in the same station, far before the defect callout would happen after all the passes had been deposited, so a significant waste of production time can be avoided.