The Next Generation in Field Joint Coating

IntelliSPRAY is the world’s first smart cartridge epoxy applicator engineered to streamline pipeline coating operations. Designed with the intent of mitigating the risks to epoxy applications, IntelliSPRAY uses a revolutionary cartridge-loaded application system that fully automates the field joint coating process.

First, the band is spaced and securely fastened on the pipe. Next, the IntelliSPRAY unit is placed onto the band while the epoxy is heated and prepared. Once the system is in place, the cartridge is inserted into the slot, the spray nozzle is secured, and the whip is attached to the cartridge.

The operator then initiates the spray cycle, and the coating process begins. The unit begins from one end of the cutback and indexes to its opposite side, all while material thickness, application rate, and cycle times are monitored.

The IntelliSPRAY Difference

With hand application, human error, fatigue, and inexperienced labor can lead to inconsistent quality or even weld joint errors. With other automated systems, including F.A.S.T., you’re dealing with a large equipment footprint.

IntelliSPRAY removes the human element altogether and dramatically reduces equipment size while delivering an extremely precise spray pattern and ensuring one high-quality weld joint after another.