Since its introduction in 1968, the CRC-Evans PFM has been used to make millions of bevels on pipes ranging from 4" to 64" in diameter. They machine the pipe ends in one smooth pass, typically in two to five minutes.

In addition to preparing bevels for the CRC-Evans Automated Pipeline Welding System, CRC-Evans PFMs are used for:

  • Producing clean, bright, perfect bevels for manual pipeline welding to maximize quality and minimize repairs
  • Machining modified bevels on heavy wall pipe to reduce metal volume, therefore reducing welding time
  • Machining mitered bevels up to 2-1/2 degrees included angle on pipelines where it is not possible to use a Pipe Bending Machine (miter-type PFMs)

Part of CRC-Evans' Standard Welding System, the CRC-Evans PFM uses a combination of mechanical and hydraulic components to produce bevels with a tolerance of ±0.005" (0.13mm). A hydraulic power source is required.