A vibrating screen machine setup on a tracked self-propelled undercarriage with remote control, the Vulcano 2.0 is equipped with a NEW inclined feeder for ease of loading, resulting in faster excavator cycles and increased productivity. A NEW hydraulic system delivers quick steering response and precise movement control, in combination with an over-dimensioned heat exchanger/radiator with FanDrive system that provides efficient and modulate cooling to the vehicle heat exchanger, resulting in a fuel consumption decrease of up to 20%.

A NEW engine enclosure design with hinged doors provides easy access to all components, granting better protection against dust and dirt to engine and hydraulic parts. A NEW side-to-side retractable conveyor belt is speed-adjustable and is equipped with an hydraulic head deflector. These features allow the operator to adjust the padding material flow and its direction into the trench.

Highly reliable, the Vulcano 2.0 is a versatile machine fit for any sort of soil and suitable for a variety of right-of-way conditions.