Part of our High-Productivity Bending System, Centurion delivers 68% more travel speed and 82% more bending force than standard machines. Our bending machines feature outstanding hydraulics and quick-starting engines with reduced noise and cold start packages. A single operator is able to oversee all functions.

The New Centurion Bender for pipe from 6" to 20" (152mm to 508mm) is the next generation of state-of-the-art Bending Machines. Following is a list of new features which truly highlight the superiority of our design:

  • Outboard cylinder travel is now 82% faster than standard design. Increase is available due to new high capacity pump system.
  • Bending cylinder force is now 82% greater than standard machine by increased cylinder size and higher pressure rating.
  • Through re-engineering efforts a stronger frame was designed to now offer increased bending capacity.
  • Hydraulic pump automatically adjusts output and pressure to engine horsepower, thus obtaining maximum benefit in speed and bending force under all conditions.
  • Rated pressure has been raised from 2000 psi to 2500 psi.
  • Newly supplied diesel engine designed for rugged dependability under all weather conditions.
  • Our new higher capacity operating valve is now mounted lower, thus offering the operator easy access from the ground.
  • Newly designed frame shape allows operator easy vision of die.
  • By mounting the engine and air compressor platform, (Air Compressor Optional) on the sides, the center of gravity is lower. This greatly increases stability of the machine.
  • The Stiff-back and tongue have been re-engineered to allow for mandrel storage.
  • Use of standard tie rod type bending cylinders for ease of maintenance and availability of parts.
  • Rubber pad tracks for increased stability and towing base.

Note: Optional two stage pump available.