• Patented pipe arm design ensures that adjacent pipes are never disturbed when picking up roped pipe from a pile or stack
  • Pipe arm linings ensure that coated pipe is never damaged
  • Upper head mounts to any brand of excavator in 40- to 49-metric-ton range (common examples: Caterpillar 345 and 349)
  • In-cab display allows operator to safely monitor and adjust all functions, pressures, and volumes from within cab
  • Grab arm function picks up pipe and holds it firmly to attachment
  • Tilts 0 to 15° along main beam
  • Shifts pipe side to side up to 8.5"
  • Designed to meet ASME Below-The Hook- Lifting Standards

Additional Features

  • Integrated safety: load control valve system ensures pipe is never dropped, regardless of hydraulic pressure
  • Proximity sensors inform operator of correct positioning and clearance to initiate safe contact
  • Optional stick-mounted camera allows operator to see in even the most difficult spaces
DECKHAND L Arm Options

Pipe Arm

  • Designed to work with 20" to 42" diameter pipe
  • Handles pipe on and off trailers, rail cars, or pipe rack without disturbing adjacent pipe
  • Very fast and efficient for stringing pipe during pipeline construction
  • Can handle pipe even if covered with snow, ice, or dirt
  • Jaws are lined to protect coated pipe from being damaged (worn linings are easy to replace)
  • Load control valve system ensures pipe is never dropped, regardless of hydraulic pressure
  • Load capacity sensors allow operator to monitor clamp arm grip status while moving
Pipe Arm

Road Mat Arm

  • Quickly load, unload, and move road mats
  • Interchangeable tines handle 3', 4', and 5' mats
  • Can handle mats up to 40' long and 12" thick
  • In-cab indicator guarantees that mat is securely gripped securely
  • Mats can be dug out of mud with mat arm
  • Positive grip allows dirt and debris to be shaken off mats
  • Position mats with precision—no free swinging
Road Mat Arm