The M-400 bug retains all the range and functionality of its predecessor while reducing overall weight by 25%. In addition to multifunctionality and decreased weight, the M-400’s new offset oscillator offers its operator an unprecedented view of the arc as well adding the ability to deposit automated fillet (+45 /- 30 deg) welds. Lastly, our engineers have built software tracking into the welding parameters allowing its operator to recall exactly what versions of software were being used for each weld. The M-400 Welding System is revolutionary on every front.

The M-400 system is multi-process and multi-welding power supply capable. It can be adapted to weld flux core, inner-shield, STT and GMAW with minimal mechanical changes to the bug. Complimenting its ability for multi-process welding, the M-400 allows the flexibility of utilizing digital or analog welding power sources.