Never before has an external welder packed so many features into such a compact design. High production welding on all diameters of onshore and offshore pipelines has just gotten more efficient with the P-625 compact welding system. It has all the advancements CRC-Evans® is known for in a lighter-weight, compact size.

Bluetooth connectivity allows weld parameters to be programmed anywhere, then wirelessly downloaded to the machine in the field. You can make parameter changes on the fly as well as uploading performance data for QC analysis, proving every weld is on spec.

Cutting edge, customizable technology isn't the whole story. A worldwide support team of experienced experts provide 24/365 support, while in-house engineers are available to adapt the P-625 weld system to meet your specific needs.

The P-625 is the culmination of a meticulous design process that couples our extensive expertise in automatic welding with detailed customer feedback. We asked industry insiders what features would make up the ideal small-diameter machine and what advancements were desired – and we delivered on all counts with the most leading-edge technology available.

The P-700 is the arctic (onshore) version of this model, primarily used in Russia.